Achieve a Bright Career by Understanding Your Career Path Now!


Achieve a Bright Career by Understanding Your Career Path Now!

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When we start pioneering careers, of course, we expect career development in companies where work. Career development called a career path is very important, not only for employees, you know!

This career advancement is one of the factors that determine whether an employee will survive in the company or not.

Therefore, in a company, employee career development is important. If the company is able to make the right career pattern for employees, then that person will become a potential for its own.

In addition, for employees, having a clear career path will make them more enthusiastic and give their best when doing their jobs.

Because, if they succeed in meeting expectations, then there will be an opportunity to carry out promotions in accordance with the agreed career path.

For this reason, transparency is needed in creating career paths to retain potential employees in the company.

Seeing the importance of the role of career paths within the company, this article will discuss issues that are guaranteed to be beneficial for your career development! Immediately, let’s see the points!

Understanding the Career Path of Each Good Employee
Before knowing and understanding the career path of each employee, we must first know the meaning.

Career path or career path is defined as a series of positions that must be passed by each employee to reach a certain level of position in the company.

Where, in general, this career path is arranged based on the position competency profile that a person needs to have to hold a certain position. The career path expected by employees usually develops vertically and moves from the bottom up.

For example, an employee starts working at the age of 21 or is a fresh graduate; follow the rules and requirements (competencies) set by the company; receive promotions and adjustments to remuneration; and retire in top management positions.

Tips on Developing a Career Path for the Company
There are some interesting tips for companies to be able to arrange the right career path for employees. You can see these tips from the points below:

Finalize the structure and job profile,
Create model competencies and competency profiles both core, managerial and technical for each position,
Group positions – positions that have similar technical competencies into the job family,
Arrange career paths both vertically, diagonally and laterally within each job family.
Building career paths for all positions is a big job, but if the organization has built a comprehensive career path that is clear, then it is certain that employees get certainty about the path to go in their career.

Because career development is the responsibility of employers and workers. Where mutual relationship is what will build one another.

When companies focus on the growth of their employees’ careers, the company has indirectly focused on the growth of their organizations.


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