Benefits of a Trash Bank


Benefits of a Trash Bank

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The benefit of this bank is that it can be used as a solution to achieve clean and comfortable settlements for its citizens.

That way the environment which is a place to live will be farthest from various bacteria and germs that can make you sick.

The environment will be healthier and more comfortable to live in because people will be orderly to sort waste that will later be combined through the garbage bank.

Because garbage has become a serious threat, if not managed properly. It is not impossible that in the next few years around 250 million Indonesians will live together with a pile of garbage in the environment.

Just like in the banks of money storage, customers, in this case, the public can come directly to the bank to make a deposit.

Not the money that was deposited, but the waste they deposited. The waste is weighed and recorded in an account book by a bank clerk. In this bank, there is something called garbage savings.

This is a way to turn trash into money while at the same time maintaining the cleanliness of the environment from rubbish, especially plastic, and can also be reused.

The condition of rubbish that can be in a tube is neat in terms of cutting, besides that the garbage must be washed first. You must also deposit a minimum of 1 kg.

Types of Garbage Banks
In its type, the garbage bank also has two types of savings, so what are the types of this bank? The following are the types:

First type
First, rupiah savings, which is specifically for individuals. By bringing trash then exchanged with some money in the form of savings.

Some examples of plastic packaging that can be exchanged are according to the quality of the plastic. The first quality is plastic that is slightly wide and thick (rice sacks, detergents, deodorizers, and floor cleaners).

The second quality is plastic from instant drinks and the size is rather small (instant coffee, supplements, children’s drinks, etc.).

The third quality is instant noodle plastic. Then the 4th quality is mineral water plastic bottles. The lowest quality 0 is the plastic wrap that has been torn or not neat in opening the packaging.

Because it will be difficult to use again in various forms such as bags, wallets, tissue boxes, and others. For the last quality, it must be deposited in the form of small pieces (chopped).

Second type
The second form of waste savings is called environmental savings. What is meant by environmental savings?

So the definition of environmental savings is the participation of companies and businesses to preserve the environment.

These savings cannot be cashed out, but their customers will be published to the media as companies or businesses that preserve the environment. Furthermore, BUMI’s charter will be given every day for the environment.

This is one alternative to solve the waste problem and participate in preserving the environment. In the end, this bank will be good for the earth.

So, how is it? Are you interested not to be a partner or customer of this bank? If you become a customer you can help reduce waste in your environment.

If you become a partner you can look after your environment, in addition to that you can also work people who are in economic difficulties to process the waste you receive from customers into functional objects.


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