Bored with Money Banks, just to the Waste Bank!


Bored with Money Banks, just to the Waste Bank!

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You must have wondered what a garbage bank is? Why is there trash in the bank? How the heck does it work?

Then what is the management like? This is what you most often ask about the garbage bank. So without lingering, let’s discuss what a garbage bank is and how it works.

Initially, this bank was formed by the Indonesian government with the aim of tackling recyclable waste.

Indonesia is very aggressively campaigning about 3R, 3R is reduced, rescue, and recycle. With this campaign, a waste bank was formed in Indonesia by the government.

In Indonesia, there are already many garbage banks, namely 5,244 waste banks in 34 provinces of Indonesia.

Under the Ministry of Environment, this bank is in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment No. 13 of 2012 concerning the use of 3R.

This is done to prevent soil, river and air pollution from waste management.

The Ministry of Environment has a facilitation program for the construction of a Recycling Center (PDU) to manage organic waste into compost and promote the use of methane gas from landfills to be used as alternative gas or conversion to electricity.

In this case the Ministry of Environment has compiled 4 (four) waste management guidelines at its source to support the implementation of Presidential Regulation No. 97 of 2017 concerning the National Strategy Policy in Waste Management which stipulates a 30 percent reduction and 70 percent handling in 2025.

So that’s about the background of the garbage bank. Then what exactly is the bank that manages this waste, what are its benefits, and how does it work. Let’s discuss, scroll to the bottom of this article!

Garbage Bank

So, in its definition, this bank is a concept of collecting dry waste and is sorted and has management like a bank but what is saved is not money but garbage.

Residents who save money are also called customers, have savings books and can borrow money which will later be returned with garbage worth the money borrowed.

Trash that is saved is weighed and valued with a certain amount of money which will later be sold at the factory that is already cooperating.

Whereas plastic packaging is bought by local PKK women to be recycled into handicraft items. This aims to prevent the accumulation of garbage in landfills or usually called a landfill.

The Purpose of the Garbage Bank

The purpose of building this bank is actually not for seamta profit. The garbage bank is a strategy to build public awareness so that it can ‘friend’ with waste to get immediate economic benefits from waste.

So, this bank cannot stand alone but must be integrated with the 3R movement so that the immediate benefits felt are not only the economy, but the development of a clean, green and healthy environment.

This can also make customers who join the garbage bank get knowledge about waste.

Because the garbage given to the garbage bank has special provisions. Waste must be plastic, can be recycled, and must not be food waste. That way, customers must be smart to sort waste.

This bank can also help a person’s economy. As we have discussed above, that you can borrow money through a garbage bank and pay for it with garbage collected.

This bank can also empower people around to process waste into handicrafts and finally waste becomes useful objects.


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