Can reduce advertising costs


Can reduce advertising costs

New York Times Newspaper, Press Room

Building employee branding strategies is very important to reduce the cost of advertising or promotion of the company to prospective employees. Companies with a stronger brand than competitors will reduce at least 43% of recruitment costs. This proves that employer branding is not only about attracting employees but can also be financially profitable for the company.

A company’s reputation is more important than salary
The salary value is very important for prospective employees. Salary can be said as one of the most considered elements when a prospective employee applies at a company. But it turns out, there are surveys that show that as many as 50% of employee candidates will not actually work in companies with bad reputation even though the salary is higher. The survey can be a sign that the branding strategy will greatly affect prospective employee references.

Can maintain employee loyalty
Not only related to the recruitment process, employer branding can also affect the existence of existing employees. If the branding that is built is very good, then the existing employees will not turn to other companies so they can reduce the resign rate. Branding strategies for existing employees can be done in various ways. For example, ensuring employee welfare, building a pleasant work culture, making mutually beneficial regulations, and so on.

Then how do you become an employer branding activity for your company? see the review as follows:

An HR must be clear in understanding the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) owned by the company. This is what will make the uniqueness and differentiate the value of a company with other companies.
Employer branding strategy must be determined and arranged in advance. Many ways can be done to introduce and disseminate EVP, culture, and company values ​​to build a positive image. For example, informative and attractive website careers, sharing employee activities on social media, introducing EVP through video or other creative content.
Evaluation of each employer branding activity that has been successfully carried out. This is important so that companies know what activities are effective and play a major role in increasing attraction, retention and engagement of jobseekers and existing employees.
You have to find out whether the employer branding that you have built is successful or not. There are a number of things you might be able to do in this step including measuring employee retention rates, employee referral programs, company productivity, employee satisfaction surveys, and so on. In the employee satisfaction survey process, you can ask directly to each employee who works whether they are satisfied with the new facilities that have been provided or you can also receive advice and input from them on how to improve employee satisfaction so that it does not affect the recruitment process of new employees later. The essence of employer branding is to make all parties feel happy with what the company has provided or offered.
By using a variety of technologies today, you can make your company famous in the eyes of the world. Internal and external communication is very important. External communication includes improving the company’s website, creating a company profile on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as online advertising.


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