Discuss Career Plans Transparently


Discuss Career Plans Transparently

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The next point that is no less important regarding the career path is that the company must discuss it transparently.

Career development for employees is basically not the responsibility of the company or the employer, but rather the responsibility of the employee itself.

Because the career path in the company that he will get depends on the competence of the employees themselves.

Therefore, it is very important for the company and the employee concerned to openly discuss the desired career plan and available career paths.

The company can inform employees about career development possibilities that exist in the company. Ask the employee to consider his choices for growth and development in the company.

In addition, the company must also be able to consider how the employee wants to see his career progress in the company. With transparency, the career development process will run smoothly and be beneficial for both parties.

Benefits of a Career Path
At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that having a clear and structured career path will make employees more motivated to improve their performance. This is one of the benefits of career development.

In addition, improved performance means employees will work according to their passions. Because they already like the work they do. That way, companies can easily map employees according to their competencies.

The existence of this mapping besides knowing employee competencies, will have a long-term impact. Especially for the effectiveness and efficiency of company performance.

Career Planning Will Reduce Human Resource Costs
By doing career development, the quality of employees will also improve. Of course, this increase can benefit the company as well.

Because, every employee who has received training and participated in seminars and workshops will get a lot of new knowledge. This knowledge can also be implemented for companies.

The implementation can be carried out by facilitators from within the company or internally so that it is more effective and more efficient.

If the company sends two of the best employees and teaches back to ten other employees, this is more effective and can reduce costs that have to be spent on HR development, right?

Healthier Work Atmosphere
Employees who are given the opportunity to pursue a better career path will see this as a form of welfare guarantee provided by the company.

If every individual in the company feels satisfied, then the working atmosphere will become healthier and more conducive. This will make it easier for companies to realize their vision and mission and goals.

Good career path management can also affect the smooth running of the business, because available positions can be filled by employees with the best and most appropriate competencies.

Therefore, career development needs to be done regularly. That way, each company’s work program can run and be achieved well.


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