About BreeZip

BreeZip is the most favorite archive and compressed file opener on Microsoft Store. After add archive files, you can preview and extract the content. And you can also use BreeZip to create compressed file easily.

System requirements

Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher (x86 only).

Basic Operations

Extract archive file

To extract the archive file, you need to open it with BreeZip at first.  Launch BreeZip, it will show the files on the desktop by default.

You can use the navigation button to locate the file which you need to open it.

And you can also use Windows File Explorer to locate the compressed files and right-click to open them with BreeZip.

To unarchive the specific file simply, you can single-click the file name on the BreeZip window and click the “Extract” button.

You can select a target folder and file name on the popup window. By default, BreeZip will extract the compressed file on the same folder.

Besides extract the entire file, you can also extract some files in the compressed file or even open the file without extract the entire file. Double click the compressed file name on the BreeZip window, we will let you enter into the insider of the compressed file. You can extract one file or double click the file to open it directly on the BreeZip window.

Create compressed file

To compress one file or folder, you can open the BreeZip app and locate to the target file or folder with the navigation button. Then single-click the target file or folder and press the “Add” button on the menubar.

On the popup window, you can change the compressed file location and file name.

To use a password to protect the compressed file, you can check the “With password” checkbox and input suitable password on the next window after clicking the “Archive” button.

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