Hydroponics, Urban Agriculture System with Promising Advantages


Hydroponics, Urban Agriculture System with Promising Advantages

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Have you ever heard of the word urban farming? A new concept that moves conventional agriculture to urban agriculture. One form of practice is hydroponic farming.

As the name suggests, hydroponics is an agricultural system that is carried out using water growing media. Usually, it is done in the yard of the house. But there is also a large scale.

In this article, we will discuss the matter of hydroponics. Starting from the understanding, types of plants and the challenges. You need to read this, because the hydroponic business opportunity and the demand for organic vegetables have been increasing lately. Here are the reviews!

What is Hydroponics?
We will begin the review of hydroponics from its understanding. Maybe you’ve seen it but don’t know its name, or vice versa. So, for easier understanding, we will discuss the following understanding.

This understanding will start from the statements of several practitioners and authors of material related to hydroponics, Diana Rochintaniawati. According to him, hydroponics is a term used for farming without using soil media.

Plants can grow in pots or other containers by using water and / or other porous materials such as sand, gravel, threshold fragments, and so on.

In a journal mentioned, Hydroponics comes from two words, hydro which means water and phonic which means workmanship.

So, from the understanding of the two words, we can interpret hydroponics as a system of planting or cultivating plants without using soil media, but instead using a water medium that contains a nutrient solution.

Another understanding is that hydroponics is cultivation or how to plant using water without using soil. This planting system emphasizes meeting the nutritional needs of plants. The need for water in hydroponics is less than cultivation with soil.

History of Hydroponic Agricultural Systems
This agricultural system is actually not a new system. Some literature has recorded the history of agriculture, especially the method of agriculture that uses water. Here is the review!

Planting using water media or hydroponic systems, has been known for a very long time, namely when the Babylonian Garden existed.

In addition, it was also mentioned if ancient humans had mixed nutrients in water to be given to plants and their plants, especially watermelons, at that time.

In 1936, the term hydroponics was born. This term is given to the results found by Agronomist from the University of California, USA, Dr. WF Gericke Since then, hydroponics is no longer only known on a laboratory scale, but with simple techniques that can be done by anyone, including housewives.

Another history mentions the application of hydroponics. Japan was hit after the attack and lost to its allied land allies due to the atomic bomb. So that in 1950 the hydroponic system was taught and applied massively. Then followed by countries like Iran, Bahrain and Iraq.

Limited land is one of the most powerful reasons for the use of hydroponic systems. Planting plants through the hydroponic system is considered quite effective, easy and efficient. This allows anyone to become a hydroponic plant farmer.


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