Know the Types of Online Shopping in Indonesia


Know the Types of Online Shopping in Indonesia

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Who has never made a purchase or sale transaction of goods online? We think that almost all people shop online. Moreover, in modern times like today, ranging from the internet network, to the marketplace and social media online buying and selling service providers are rampant.

For this reason, you need to know tips and tricks as well as online shopping behavior in Indonesia. With survey data from the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association and CupoNation, we will discuss together regarding online shopping in Indonesia.

However, before we discuss further about online shopping, we must first know about the media to access it. In other words, we must have an internet network, to make transactions online.

What is the Internet?
Internet or interconnection-networking is a global communication network that connects billions of computer networks openly using a standard global transmission control protocol / internet protocol suite (TCP / IP) system.

There is also an explanation that the definition of the internet is the International Network, where all types and types of computers throughout the world can be connected by using communication types such as telephone, satellite, and others.

This internet network is what you must have when you want to make a sale and purchase transaction online. Based on a survey conducted by APJII in 2018, 171.17 million people or around 64.8% of the total population of Indonesia, already own or use the internet network.

The intended internet users are individuals who are connected to the internet both from inside the house and from other places, from any device whether it is from a computer or mobile device or other, their own or not.

Well, based on the survey it can be seen, in this day and age the internet is one of the important things that must be owned by individuals. Especially in daily life that can not be separated from the internet.

Online Shopper in Indonesia
The high number of internet users in Indonesia, encouraging companies or marketplaces competing to establish and provide goods and services online. However, is the mushrooming of start up and marketplace in line with the number of buyers?

Based on the Cuponation survey quoted in, it was written that the number of online shopper in 2018 was estimated to reach 11.9 percent of the total population in Indonesia. This figure continues to increase every year, where in 2016 only amounted to 9.6 percent and 2017 amounted to 10.7 percent.

The percentage is obtained by dividing the total population and the number of online shoppers in Indonesia each year. The growth in the number of online shoppers according to Cuponation is also supported by revenue from the Indonesian e-commerce market, where there were 6.1 billion US dollars in 2016 and reached 7.5 billion US dollars for 2017.


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