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Drinking lots of milk will help you avoid osteoporosis or decrease the level of bone density in the body. So that your activities at work can be smooth and will not be hampered by strong and strong bones

Tea has several benefits that you can feel if you consume it regularly, namely:

Improve Brain Concentration and Function
Tea contains caffeine which is useful for blood circulation to the brain, so drinking a cup of tea can increase brain concentration and cognitive function. the amount of caffeine is lower than coffee.

Reduces Stress Levels
The amino acid L-theanine found in tea can help reduce stress levels that you experience

Avoid Diabetes
Tea can increase insulin sensitivity so you can be prevented from diabetes

Maintaining Bone and Joint Health

The phytochemical content in tea can help you maintain healthy bones and joints

Avoid Cholesterol Disease
High antioxidants in tea can help reduce the bad cholesterol in the body

Energy sources
You can consume honey by drinking it directly from a bottle or sipping it from a container as an energy intake when you feel hungry because you are tired with your work. You will feel full after consuming honey

Prevents gastritis and stomach acid
The content contained in honey can slow gastric emptying. So that honey is very suitable to help you prevent heartburn or stomach acid.

Treating cough and throat scars
Inflammation that occurs in the throat can be overcome by drinking honey. Throat relieved, coughing was gone.

Regulates Blood Sugar
The sugar content in honey is very different from sugar. This simple sugar can regulate blood sugar levels in the body. And will help you avoid diabetes

Cure Wounds
Maybe you don’t know that honey can heal wounds on the outside of the body. That is because honey contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic effects derived from hydrogen peroside in honey. Honey also has an acidic pH to inhibit bacterial growth

Oatmeal or Wheat
Oatmeal or wheat contains beta-glucans which will help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. And also reduce the risk of heart disease

Drink a lot of water
Everyone has different needs for the intake of water that is drunk every day depending on body mass and state of health. Generally, you should drink 8 glasses of water every day so that you don’t become dehydrated

Quality Rest
Rest is not for ever but on the quality of sleep you can get. You can sleep all day but you feel dizzy and not feeling well because you sleep too much. it’s different if you only sleep for one hour but feel your body become fresh and fit because you managed to sleep well in that hour

Exercise Routine
Sports is one thing that is very important in maintaining stamina. If you exercise regularly your body won’t get tired quickly. Even you can continue to feel fit and healthy all day long. Some kinds of sports that you should try to maintain a healthy body:

You can do jogging around your residence in the morning before leaving for the office. Around the complex or field will certainly be very exciting, plus the morning air that has not been exposed to pollution is very good for the health of your lungs

You can do swimming on holidays. Or if you leave the office early, you can invite your co-workers to plan together. Before swimming, make sure you bring a swimming suit and swimming goggles, okay?

Usually on Sundays on a car free day or housing complex, there are those who hold gymnastics together. Maybe you can join in for gymnastics with a friendly rhythm and instructor.


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