The importance of Employer Branding for your company?


The importance of Employer Branding for your company?

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The fact is that there are only about 25% of employees who feel that working in a company makes them happy so they are loyal to the company where they work. Meanwhile, there are about 65% who are not loyal enough because of dissatisfaction with the company. Of course, this is also very influential on the process of selecting new employees where they may not be interested in working in your company. But, you don’t need to worry, because an HR can use employer branding to attract interest and retain the best prospective employees.

Employer Branding can be interpreted as an effort that can be done by companies to create psychological attachment of employees and prospective employees to the unique values โ€‹โ€‹of the company. As a person who works in the HR field, you must have experienced unpleasant events such as getting only a few applicants or even the absence of potential job applicants. Or there are job applicant candidates who are not present during the interview session, there are candidates who are one step away from joining the company but are canceled to join, high turnover in the company, and so forth. Employer Branding is one way companies can do to overcome these problems.

In this way, companies can build, improve and maintain the image and positive perception of the company to job seekers and existing employees. So that it can bring up and increase the attraction and engagement of external parties namely job seekers that your company is a company that is desired as a place to work. As for internal employees, that way can increase retention and engagement that the company offers what is not in other companies and becomes an attachment to the employee.

In essence, Employer Branding is made to build a company’s identity, image and positive value. This is done to differentiate these companies from competitors. This strategy itself is often associated with the recruitment process because that’s when the company struggles to capture potential employees. But keep in mind also that employer branding is no less important for employees who are already in the company. Then what is the importance of employer branding for a company? Consider as follows:

Can capture potential employees
In addition to attracting as many prospective employees as possible, the main purpose of the branding strategy is to capture potential employees. Statistics have shown that strong corporate branding will attract at least 50% of the more potential or qualified applicants. Thus, through a branding strategy, your company will be more likely to attract candidates who fit the criteria because there are more potential candidates.

Building a Positive Reputation of the Company
As it is understood, employer branding is made to promote the company to prospective employees. The promotion in question is showing off positive reputation such as work culture and vision and mission of the company concerned. Companies must be able to build this image of themselves well in order to increase employee confidence and prospective employees.

Attracting Prospective Employees
If you are looking for work and are faced with two choices, one company with a good reputation and another company that is not popular, which one do you choose? Various sources state that more than 80% of job seekers will prioritize the company’s reputation before applying. Another source also stated that 9 out of 10 candidates will apply for jobs for companies that are actively managed.

From the survey it can be seen that corporate branding has a significant impact on recruitment. This is very possible because before registering, prospective candidates will find out more about the company, especially in online reviews.


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