Things to Avoid in the Career Path


Things to Avoid in the Career Path

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Career development is important, but it’s important to remember that there are certain things you can’t do!

Because there are some issues that are of particular concern to be avoided so that they do not adversely affect one’s career planning. Complete see the following points!

Guarantee or Promise to Employees
As a company leader as much as possible to avoid promises or guarantees to employees that they will get a definite career development. Companies can only give promises that will help their career development.

However, company growth, economic conditions, organizational priorities and goals will greatly affect career paths, promotions and employee goals. So, it is not a guarantee or a promise, but rather a business carried out by the employee itself.

Responsible Bosses with Career Plans
Career development is the responsibility of each individual, not the company or employer. This is so as not to become a moral burden on the leadership of the organization to build one’s career planning.

The company should simply be a facilitator of the planning of the team’s career path.

In addition, it can also provide input on career path choices, provide possible opportunities for employees, encourage employees to have a goal to grow and develop their careers and skills.

Commitment to Over Time and Resources
Even though the company has promised to help the career development of employees, it does not mean having to spend resources and time for them.

The company, in this case the Human Resource Development (HRD) team, also has a limited time, because there are still responsibilities and roles for other employees.

Unless, if the employee understands the type of training that is right for the employee, then the search and determination of the types of training needed are the employee’s personal responsibility.

HRD can direct employees towards their career planning, but not including their work. There is no need to take responsibility for finding training classes for the development of their skills and knowledge.

The HRD team acts as a facilitator for employees themselves to explore themselves and emphasize that career development planning is the responsibility of each individual.


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