Tips for Maintaining Body Stamina During Long Shift


Tips for Maintaining Body Stamina During Long Shift

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Have you ever heard or read news about employees who died from working long shifts? This is actually very likely to occur because working long hours can cause fatigue.

Tiredness arises because of the reduced rest time that should be received by the body. To avoid something we do not want, let’s refer to the following tips that will discuss how to maintain stamina during the long shift!

Definition of Long Shift
Before discussing further tips on maintaining stamina during the long shift, let’s first discuss what is the meaning of a long shift? Long shift or work in a long time is a situation where you work more than the time it should be.

A long shift policy can be carried out to achieve the company’s target. For example, factory workers have to work long shifts to complete 1000 clothes a day, while there are only 350 workers.

Working time
Actually, how long should the employee do the work? Employee working time has been regulated in Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower Article 77, namely:

Tips for Long Shift
Here are tips for long shift you need to know, namely:

Inadequate intake of healthy and nutritious food
Some Healthy Foods You Can Try:

Yogurt is milk processed by bacterial fermentation. Many people only know the benefits of yogurt to launch a divorce, but actually there are still many benefits!

Maintaining Bone Health
Yogurt contains calcium that the body needs to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Reducing Blood Pressure
Besides calcium, yogurt also contains potassium which can neutralize excess sodium in the body, so that the blood pressure is relatively stable

Strengthening the Body’s Immune System
The mineral and nutritional content found in yogurt can help increase the amount of white blood cell production that is responsible for fighting viruses, bad bacteria, or germs in the body

Maintaining Skin Health
Lactic acid contained in yogurt is very good for getting rid of dead skin cells. so that your face can look brighter

Maintain Ideal Body Weight
Vitamins and nutrients contained in yogurt can help you maintain ideal body weight. In fact, losing weight too you know!

If you don’t really like the plain taste of Yogus, you can try various other flavors. Some yogurt manufacturers already provide strawberry, blueberry, mango, lychee, and other fruits that you can find in supermarkets with various brands.


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