Type of Corruption


Type of Corruption

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You also need to know what types of corruption are there! Surely you may have indirectly discovered this phenomenon around you. Referring to the notion of corruption, as for several types and forms of corruption are as follows:

Bribery is an act of giving money / rewards to other parties committed by a person or group of people to get what they want.

The form of bribery is, for example, giving or promising something (money or other) to a judge with a view to influencing the case’s decision.

Or you can also give a bribe to your business partners so that your company gets the project.

Embezzlement is an act of fraud in the form of embezzlement of other people’s or organizational resources for personal gain. The embezzlement form, for example, creates a fictitious invoice, uses petty cash for personal use, inflates official travel expenses. Usually this is done when you make a proposal, you charge more than the original cost.

Fraud is an intentional economic crime in which a person commits fraud, cheating, and lies to obtain personal gain.

The form of fraud is for example, embezzlement of cash by backing off the time of recording cash receipts, manipulating or distorting information / facts for certain interests. Usually this is done by an accountant, so make sure your accountant has an accountant’s code of ethics to avoid cheating.

Extortion is a corrupt act in which a person or group threatens wrongfully to another party to obtain money, goods and services, or the desired behavior of the party threatened. Such forms of extortion, for example, threat of property damage if they do not provide security money, extortion by threatening to damage one’s reputation.

Favoritism or favoritism is a corrupt mechanism in which a person or group abuses its power which has implications for the privatization of resources.

Thus a concise explanation of the notion of corruption, the causes, as well as several types and forms of corruption that often occur. Now we move on to the next practice of crime, namely collusion.


Generally, the definition of collusion is a form of secret conspiracy or conspiracy carried out by two or more people, where the aim is to commit an act that is not good for the sake of profit. Judging by definition, this behavior is almost the same as corruption, which aims to gain personal gain.

Collusion is also an act of cooperation that can be considered illegal, because it has the aim to deceive someone. In general, collusion is accompanied by abuse of authority by government officials or certain parties for profit.

From this explanation it can be concluded that collusion is a dishonest and unlawful attitude and action by making a secret agreement accompanied by giving money or certain facilities as facilitation for the benefit of a person or group.


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