Types of Plants


Types of Plants

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When it comes to an explanation related to planting media, that means you are more ready to start this farm. But, maybe you are still confused, what plants will you cultivate. If so, we will discuss the following.

Vegetable Plants
Generally, people will grow vegetables when doing hydroponic farming. There are several types of vegetables that you can choose and plant, including:

Kale or Kale
Basil leave
Celery leaves
Fruit Plants
Other types of plants that you can plant are fruits. If you are interested, you can plant several types of plants:


Hydroponic Product Marketing
After reading this explanation, you may be increasingly interested in doing business in agriculture, especially with the hydroponic system. If so, you also need to know how to market hydroponic products.

Collaborate with Farmer Groups
To be able to sell products to cooperatives, farmers usually have to register first as a member. Sales to farm cooperatives will make it easier for you to make transactions, because you can sell hydroponic products without any amount restrictions, even though the purchase price is not as good as the market.

Supplying Agriculture Products to Restaurants or Catering Enterprises
How to market this kind of hydroponic products will make it easier for you to sell hydroponic products. Although it only produces a little, but this has the possibility to be carried out sustainably. Because these businesses also continue to require a supply of vegetables or fruit.

Offering Harvest Results to the Market or Selling it Directly
Finally, you can make sales by offering your crops to traditional markets or spilled markets. You can also sell it directly, either near your plantation, offer one at a time, or through social media pages.

How, you are interested in pursuing this business, or want to try it first for just a hobby. Both are not wrong, the most important thing is you already want to start.


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