Understanding Strategic Alliances to their Types and Their Use


Understanding Strategic Alliances to their Types and Their Use

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Have you ever heard of strategic alliances? Or do you know what alliance is? An alliance is a combination of two or more groups into one with the aim of better achieving each other’s goals because of mutual cooperation.

Alliances can also be interpreted as a partnership made by individuals, groups or organizations, which have resources (facilities, infrastructure, funds, expertise, access, influence, information) and are willing to be actively involved or have a role in carrying out certain functions and tasks.

Then what is the meaning of strategic alliance? In the business world, strategic alliances are nothing new. If you want to do business you must understand the meaning of strategic alliances. The article below will explain the strategic alliance, from the understanding, advantages, uses and types of strategic alliances. Next we refer to the article!

What is a Strategic Alliance?
Strategic alliance is a relationship between several groups that have the same goals and involve several business fields.

Where the party doing the alliance is not a direct business competitor even though they have the same product or service that has the same target. This makes the relevant business actors must be able to do something better, and lead to good cooperation.

So that with the alliance, a company can help each other related capabilities. With this it can be said that this strategic alliance is important for the company in running a business.

Advantages of Strategic Alliances
In today’s economic era, strategic alliances allow corporations to increase their business competitive advantage through access to partner or partner resources.

This access can include markets, technology, capital and human resources. Forming a team with other corporations will add complementary resources and capabilities.

So the corporation is able to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently. Especially in corporations that are growing rapidly, it will be relatively difficult to expand technical and operational resources.

In the process, corporations need time savings and increased productivity without developing individually; this is so that the corporation can remain focused on innovation and the organization’s core business.

A fast-growing corporation is certain to have a strategic alliance to get benefits from distribution channels, marketing, brand reputation from better business players. By entering into a strategic alliance, several advantages, namely:


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